Isotherm Ceiling Insulation


We supply and install Isotherm Ceiling Insulation. Isotherm Insulation is made from 100% people-friendly polyester and is safe, non-toxic, maintenance-free and eco-friendly.


Monetary electricity savings of up to R800 per annum can be realised by the installation of insulation in middle to high income dwellings. In addition summer maximum indoor temperatures can be decreased by up to 5 degrees C! In less than 3 years ISOTHERM can pay for itself by savings on electricity usage


Isotherm has been fire tested to classification B/B1/2 and is safe for use in both residential and commercial applications. It will not contribute to the spread of flame and the product will self–extinguish when the heat source is removed.

Isotherm is all you need under your roof to maintain a comfortable household climate all year round.



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